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TCI turns farm waste into beauty products grounded in science
Taiwan Trade Center München

Today, roughly one third of food produced for human consumption are wasted before they ever reach consumers. This wasted food takes up landfill space and generates methane emissions. Most farmers lack the resources to deal with them, but, better solutions exist.


TCI, a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, functional beverages and skin care cosmetics, believes such waste is a misplaced resource and that fruits and plants, leftovers and over ripened pieces are an opportunity to make valuable compounds.


TCI not only sources farm products from global farmers, the company also works closely with local Taiwanese farmers. The company has developed methods using anaerobic fermentation with specialized micro-organisms to turn farm waste such as banana peels and peanut shells into valuable compounds.


Back in the lab, scientists use them as precursors for products, or to create natural anti-microbial compounds without relying on industrial potentially harmful cleaners. With these compounds they can even create natural anti-anxiety, sleep aid supplements, and much more.


Recovering the waste on the farms helps reduce the need to import these compounds from abroad and shrinks down waste. Best of all, the enzymes from the decomposition help fertilize the soils, increasing yields for next year's crop.


TCI is the first company from Taiwan to commit to using 100% renewable electricity through RE100, and is a winner of Taiwan's Excellence in Business Award.





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