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Acer and Yulon Group unveil Taiwan's first self-driving car
Taiwan Trade Center München

Acer and the Yulon Group have collaborated to introduce Taiwan’s first self-driving automobile. A concept model was unveiled at the 2018 Taiwan Automotive Technology Innovation Summit on Sept. 28.


The vehicle combines Acer’s autonomous driving system with Luxgen’s S3 electric vehicle platform and HAITEC’s expertise in program engineering. Both Luxgen and HAITEC are subsidiaries of the Yulon Group.


The vehicle is reportedly a “level 4-ready” self-driving vehicle. Acer’s autonomous driving system is designed to sense the environment and conditions of the vehicle systems, and is capable of split second decision making based on “real-time kinematic (RTK) positions, lidars, mmWave radar and inertial measurement unit (IMU), and ultrasonic sensors” according to the press release.


The vehicle also features a deep-learning system which allows the system recognize objects in its environment and commit them to memory.


The new car also has a cloud management system, which keeps the vehicle linked to a larger network. This not only reduces risk during travel, but also means in the event of an emergency, assistance can be dispatched in a moment’s notice.


The vehicle is also capable of keeping accurate schedules and calculating optimum driving routes based on weather and traffic conditions using the cloud link.



Source: Taiwan News

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