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XING Mobility on the future of electric vehicles
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The future of electric transport is well underway as carmakers around the world prepare to phase out vehicles powered solely by internal combustion engines, encouraged by various government efforts to tackle fuel emissions and rising international demand for electric-powered alternatives.

This massive transition to electric vehicles (EVs) has opened opportunities for advanced hi-tech suppliers to emerge and help these manufacturers, both large and small, build a new generation of products for the market.

Taiwanese start-up XING Mobility has made its mark in the industry as a supplier of advanced electric batteries and powertrains to the world’s commercial, industrial and recreational vehicle makers. Its powertrain, which comprise the main components that generate power for a vehicle, include fully integrated electric motors, gearboxes and controllers. These can be deployed alongside both dedicated EV transmissions and existing internal combustion engines, allowing for quick and cost-effective retrofits.

Royce Hong, co-founder and chief executive of XING Mobility, told the South China Morning Post how the company was established and why its battery cooling technology is a breakthrough in the industry.

Founded in Taipei in 2015, XING Mobility aims to empower every and any vehicle maker to go electric.

XING Mobility has cracked the code on the most challenging aspect of EV battery systems, which is how to effectively and efficiently manage high heat, and prevent thermal runaway during high charge-and-discharge cycles. This is a prime factor in attaining safe and high-efficiency energy output for EVs, as failure to manage heat can lead to loss of power and charge, shortened life cycles, or severe explosions and fire hazards.

Unlike the more commonly seen, widely adopted systems of circulating tubes of liquid coolant between battery cells within the battery pack used by the likes of Tesla and Chevrolet, XING Mobility has pioneered a superior cooling management system called immersion cooling, in which battery cells are directly submerged in a non-conductive coolant. This offers better heat transfer performance and packs temperature uniformly.

In 2016, XING Mobility began building “Miss R”, a 1 Megawatt, four-motor electric supercar that serves as a crucial development platform and the ultimate proof of concept for our immersion-cooling battery technology.

Source: South China Moring Post
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