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Taiwan emerges as new renewable energy center
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Taiwan has steadily risen to the top ranks of global solar panel production and has made its mark in the renewables sector through cutting-edge technologies.

Taiwanese companies have created unparalleled renewable energy solutions by taking a research and development-focused approach. This has been successful as the country now reigns as the world’s second-biggest photovoltaic cell producer. The country’s innovation has made it possible for the production of very light panels for rooftop photovoltaic systems and photovoltaic curtain walls that are environmentally-friendly and highly efficient.

Recently, Taiwanese companies have taken steps through asset consolidation to increase their market share amid greater competition. The United Renewable Energy (URE) is an example of this new precedent. URE was formed through a merger of the island’s largest solar cell makers, Neo Solar Power, Gintech Energy Corp and Solartech Energy Corp on Oct. 1 last year. Shortly after its establishment, URE became one of the largest solar panel production companies in the world, providing over 3,000 jobs.

Taiwanese companies have typically taken an inventive approach to solar panel production, which is now considered groundbreaking. Many Taiwanese companies, and, in particular, the Delta Group, provide solar tracking systems that are controlled by a Programmable Logical Controller (PLC) with a GPS sensor to allow solar panel adjustments to various positions in real-time to maximize sunlight capture. The company also uses bifacial solar modules, which generate power from the front and the back, and allow for sunlight capture as it reflects off the ground below the panel.

Aplus Energy Co. Ltd. also provides state-of-the-art rooftop solutions with its crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules that can be installed on ultra-lightweight steel grids with safeguards in place against overheating. The ease of installation, durability and high efficiency of these new modules are already garnering much interest worldwide.

Taiwan is also the world's second-largest LED-producing country. Currently, it stands second behind Japan, with Korea a close third. While Everlight Electronics is Taiwan's biggest and the world's seventh-largest company in LED production, Lite-On Technology Corporation and Delta Electronics, which are known as electronics manufacturing companies, are also some of the companies at the forefront of LED production. This LED sector has seen large businesses thrive in Taiwan with high returns on investments.

Source: Anadolu Agency
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