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(Taipei, TaiwanMon, 29 Aug 2011 - MSI, the world leader in computer technology, is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. This April, MSI received the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, the highest of the Taiwan Excellence Awards, at the 19th Taiwan Excellence Gold & Silver Awards Ceremony. Another honor came when MSI, standing out from the competitors, was named one of the Top 100 Taiwan Brands in the "Top 100 Taiwan Brands" activity this July. The honor of being awarded affirms the hard work MSI has put into brand management and the heights of its resultant achievements. The awards also underscore the extent to which consumers enjoy and trust MSI products. In appreciation of the support from consumers and fans around the world, MSI is now hosting a series of celebration activities on MSI website and through the MSI Fan Club page on Facebook. Come celebrate with MSI!

MSI Brand Value Globally Recognized
At its 25th anniversary, also the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, MSI has successfully evolved from an original equipment manufacturer into a renowned brand in the digital markets. Under the strenuous efforts by the MSI staff and the consistent support from consumers/friends all over the world, MSI has got a firm footing in the markets and its brand name keeps shining. Owing to its brand strategy of innovation and differentiation, all MSI products are internationally applauded by consumers and media, contributing to numerous awards and countless compliments from consumers worldwide.

To enhance its competitiveness in the IT industry, MSI has established its own brand and continually expanded its product variety from motherboards, graphics cards, industrial PCs, servers, All-in-One PCs, notebook PCs to cutting-edge technologies like intelligent robots, cloud computing, and vehicle data systems. Amazing achievements have been made with its motherboards and graphics cards ranking the top three, notebook PCs ranking the top ten, and All-in-One PCs ranking the top five internationally. The rest of its products have a dominant market share globally. Adding to its splendor are an abundance of awards being received, including Taiwan's Excellence Award, Japan's G-Mark Design Award, Germany's iF Products Design Award, etc.

So far this year, MSI products have received nearly 600 awards internationally. Back in April, its WindTop AE2420 3D All-in-One multifunction touch computer was awarded at the 19th Taiwan Excellence Gold & Silver Awards Ceremony, hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Bureau of Foreign Trade and TAITRA. The WindTop AE2420 3D received unanimous praise from the judges for its innovative design and quality, setting it apart from all of the other outstanding products to win a Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, the highest of the Taiwan Excellence Awards. Later in July, MSI was honored in the "Top 100 Taiwan Brands" activity, hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Bureau of Foreign Trade. Distinguished from all competitors, MSI, along with TSMC, HTC, and Acer, was named one of the Top 100 Taiwan Brands. Being awarded, for MSI, signifies affirmation and encouragement. Its spirit of insistence on innovation is positively affirmed while its ambition on brand management is greatly encouraged.

Flagship Products That Catch Your Eyes
As a world leader in computer technology, MSI takes the lead and launches several cutting-edge products that would surely lead the trend.

• The Z68/A75 series mainboards are made of Military Class II components to ensure top quality and stability. With OC Genie II, overclocking is as efficient and easy as it can be. A significant boost in efficiency is also guaranteed for the processor, memory, integrated graphics chip, and the hard disk drive.

• The GTX 580 graphics card is equipped with the world's first Power4 Architecture. Its proprietary Propeller Blade technology on Twin Frozr III Thermal Design increases the airflow by 20%, contributing to a significant temperature drop. The advanced Triple Overvoltage collaborates with the Afterburner to support frequency adjustment of GPU/memory and voltage adjustment of GPU/memory/PLL2, boosting the OC capability by 24%. To prolong its life, the graphics card is especially made of Military Class II components and adopts LPL (Lightning Power Layer) design to ensure stable supply of the power.

• The new generation G series notebook computer features dual hard disk acceleration architecture and the proprietary TDE (Turbo Drive Engine) technology to boost the core clock speeds of the GPU and CPU. For ultimate gaming experience, the G series is especially equipped with a gaming keyboard crafted by SteelSeries, world renowned manufacturer of professional gaming peripherals. Better yet, cinema-grade THX surround sound and Dynaudio sound technology are incorporated. Along with a Full HD display, together they give users a great feast on both sound and vision.

• The Wind Top AE2420 AIO PC features Hollywood grade THX TruStudio Pro™ surround sound and a high scan rate Full HD LED display. With enhanced surround sound and enriched Full HD clarity, images and sounds amazingly seem to come alive. Moreover, the WindTouch4 goes hand in hand with the touch screen, making computers easier and more fun to use—suitable for home entertainment and business.

• Featuring an optimal combination of hardware and software, the WindPad 110W tablet PC integrates AMD's powerful new generation Brazos processing platform along with Microsoft Office 2010 Starter, and the Windows 7, the highest-compatibility operating system. Its 10-inch, 1280 x 800 pixel, multi-point touch screen exhibits stunningly rich color. Adding to its sleek design and versatile I/O ports, the WindPad 110W is definitely a technological work of art.

Come Celebrate with MSI for Its 25th Anniversary!
MSI sincerely invites consumers to celebrate its 25th anniversary and share its joy. In appreciation of consumers' consistent supports, an array of celebration activities will be staged starting from August. Welcome to celebrate with MSI through the MSI Fan Club page on Facebook and join a variety of exciting promotion activities. You will have the opportunity to participate in contests and be entered for a chance to win great prizes. More activities and great prizes are on the way. Come take part in the MSI Fan Club 25th Anniversary Celebration and take chance to win FREE PRIZES! For more detailed information, please visit the MSI website or MSI Fan Club on

 MSI website

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